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Diamond Shapes

Round Brilliant Cut


A brilliant is a diamond or gemstone, cut with numerous facets so as to have exceptional brilliance. The shape resembles that of a cone and provides maximized light return through the top of the diamond. This popular cut has the perfect propor- tions and symmetry to maximise a diamond's brilliance and fire.

Princess Cut

A relatively new diamond shape the Princess cut, 2nd in popularity to the Round, was created in the 1980’s. Displaying a high degree of brilliance it is a unique and distinctive alternative to the popular round brilliant.

Pear Cut

A modified brilliant shape the pear cut diamond is a combination of the round and marquise shapes. Also known as a tear drop shape for its round bottom and sides which taper to a point. The unique look of the pear shape helps make it a popular choice for a variety of diamond jewellery

Oval Cut

The oval is a brilliant cut diamond because it is made very much like a round brilliant cut diamond. The oval diamond is seen most frequently cut in the standard 58 facet brilliant pattern. Oval diamonds are another popular choice for engagement rings or for any diamond retailer

Marquise Cut

The marquise or navette (French for "little boat", because it resembles the hull of a sailboat), are the most commonly encountered modified brilliants and can create the illusion of greater size.

Heart cut

A brilliant cut heart shaped diamond has romantic symbolism so it is a common gift for Valentine's Day or Wedding anniversary. The stunning look of the heart-shaped diamond helps make it a fantastic choice for a variety of diamond jewellery.

Emerald Cut

The emerald cut is traditionally rectangular and most closely resembles the natural diamond shape. Regarded as an elegant cut stone the emerald diamond is not as brilliant as the round shape or princess shape, it is considered to be vintage in style, and less "flashy" than other shapes.

Asscher Cut 

The asscher cut diamonds are very fashionable and make fantastic engagement rings. This Diamond boasts 8 edges and projects a distinct fire when cut correctly. The Asscher diamond also has a certain antique, elegant air about it.


Radiant Cut


The Radiant cut diamond has 8 edges like the Asscher cut diamond, but is longer in length. The Original Radiant Cut represents the fusion of the elegant shape emerald cut, with the brilliance of the round stone.

Cushion Cut 


The antique style cushion cut, known also as pillow-cut or candlelight diamond, and most often resembles a cross between the old mine cut and a modern oval cut. Not as fiery or brilliant as many of the newer cuts, but it has a romantic and classic long lasting look and inspires difference.